Community Bookshelves

Take It, Leave It Locations

Take It, Leave It Bookshelves

This innovative project was created in 2005 to make free reading available to children and families in public locations. Bookshelves are filled with new and gently-used books. Readers are encouraged to borrow a book, read it, return it to the bookshelf, and borrow another book to read. WCR replenishes the supply of books as needed. Currently there are 15 bookshelves set up. In 2017 three new bookshelves are being installed.

Take It, Leave It bookshelves are informal lending libraries that encourage literacy and community involvement.

Clean X-Press Laundromat
1100B Macdonald Ave.
Richmond, CA 94564

Shields Reid Community Center
10 Kelsey St
North Richmond, CA 94801

Nevin Community Center
598 Nevin Ave.
Richmond CA 94801


Re-entry Success Center
912 Macdonald Ave.
Richmond, CA 94801

Hilltop YMCA
4300 Lakeside Dr.
Richmond, CA 94806

GRIP Shelter
165 22nd St.
Richmond, CA 94801

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